Megjelent: 2023. március 08.

Skyworks RocElecNEWBURYPORT, MA – March 2023 – Rochester Electronics, LLC is now offering its customers active and end-of-life (EOL) Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: SWKS) products.

Megjelent: 2023. február 09.

Toshiba campaign Jan2023 1200x628 cobrand copyNEWBURYPORT, MA – January 2022 – Rochester Electronics LLC (Massachusetts, USA) is partnering with Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor and storage solutions. Toshiba semiconductors and storage products support a wide range of industrial, automotive, and consumer applications.

Megjelent: 2022. május 24.

HydroKing lidThe application submitted by HYDRO-KING Ltd. under the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme "Prototype, Product, Technology and Service Development" under the GINOP-GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00132 grant application was deemed worthy of support.

Megjelent: 2022. április 28.

Codico lidEven if we are not always aware of it, today were are surrounded by devices and sensors that communicate over the Internet. Many of these are equipped with displays, which provide users with on-site information and also allow for easier operation.

Megjelent: 2022. április 27.

Beckhoff lidTwinCAT 3 IoT Data Agent feeds the data lake at Wienerberger AG

In the globally competitive manufacturing industry, every minute of time, every gram of raw material and every kilowatt-hour of energy counts. The Wienerberger Group has faced this challenge for decades. But recently, this leading international supplier of innovative building materials and infrastructure solutions and, according to the corporation, the world’s top brick producer, has leveraged TwinCAT and “Data Agent support” to achieve these goals. In the course of a comprehensive digitalization initiative, the Group has started sending several million measured values to the cloud every day for analysis to derive actionable insights in all areas of the company as a basis for targeted optimization measures.

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