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Megjelent: 2021. március 04.

vector emobility vsecc lidIntelligent charging stations made easy to develop: The new vSECC charging station controller from Vector is a charge control unit for the DC fast charging market, which performs all communication and control functions in the charging station. This future-proof solution enables developers and manufacturers of smart DC charging stations to control and monitor the charging process with just one device. The controller handles both the communication with the vehicle and back end as well as the management of the power electronics.


Megjelent: 2021. március 02.

inova semiconductors apix3 inova lidFlexible stand-alone video converter simplifies testing of APIX3 automotive displays

Inova Semiconductors announces the expansion of its APIX3 ecosystem with a compact HDMI-APIX3 converter from partner company ARRK Engineering. APIX3 (Automotive Pixel Link) is the leading multichannel serialiser/deserialiser technology for high-resolution video applications in motor vehicles. It is used in particular in modern infotainment and driver assistance systems (ADAS) and can simultaneously set up multiple display connections with a bandwidth of up to 12 Gbit/s and supports HD as well as Ultra HD displays.


Megjelent: 2021. február 25.

maxim integrated ds28e40 lidDS28E40 is a parasitically-powered AEC-Q100 Grade 1 secure authenticator which enables the verification of genuine components in ADAS, EV batteries and other electronic systems

In critical systems, genuine components are the safest and most reliable. Designers can now enhance safety, security and data integrity for connected vehicle systems while also reducing both complexity and code development time by authenticating genuine components with the DS28E40 DeepCover® automotive secure authenticator from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.. As the newest addition to Maxim Integrated's line of AEC-Q100 Grade 1 solutions for automotive systems, the DS28E40 is a parasitically-powered authenticator utilizing its 1-Wire interface for simple connectivity. This authenticator IC reduces the software vulnerability to ensure only genuine components are used for many electronic systems, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and electric vehicle batteries.


Megjelent: 2020. december 07.

vector hv measurement lidVector now offers products and solutions for measurements on high-voltage systems. The new e-mobility measurement system from Vector and CSM enables users to perform fast and time-synchronous multi-channel measurements in high-voltage cables and components. In combination with CSM hardware modules and Vector's measurement software vMeasure exp or CANape, developers can now calculate and simultaneously display variables such as active power, efficiency, shielding current and ripple in real time. The new e-mobility measurement system can be used in the development of electric drives and electric vehicles.


Megjelent: 2020. december 03.

eltec 5g railway router cybox rt 3 w application lidWith the CyBox RT 3-W, ELTEC launches the first 5G and Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 router for high-speed communication in the railway sector

With the CyBox RT 3-W, ELTEC Elektronik has developed a new robust, maintenance-free router certified according to EN 50155 for applications in railway technology. It is especially designed for 5G communication and thus for high-speed Internet applications in the mobile radio standard of the future. The device provides reliable, secure and broadband 5G and LTE connections for high-performance train-to-ground as well as on-board communication, enabling passengers to download, exchange and store information and entertainment content faster.