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gui testing vector froglogic graphic 1 lidVector, leading manufacture of software tools and components for the development of electronic systems, and froglogic GmbH, which specializes in test automation of graphical user interfaces, have together developed a solution for testing GUI-based embedded systems. The objective is to offer an integrated toolchain to development and test engineers from a wide variety of industries. Software tools from both the classic GUI test as well as from the ECU test are combined here. Comprehensive quality assurance is thereby ensured in all development stages.


A common request within the scope of testing distributed systems is the inclusion of the complete system, including the graphical user interface (GUI). To this end, froglogic and Vector have combined their Squish test domain tools for GUI tests as well as CANoe and vTESTstudio for testing embedded systems to enable efficient quality assurance of the complete system.
Based on the open interfaces of Squish and the support of C# in vTESTstudio and CANoe, a plug-in was developed through which the complete functionality of Squish can be accessed directly from CANoe tests – including image- and property-based verifications, OCR as well as professional UI automation.


 gui testing vector froglogic graphic 1

Figure 1: Software-based embedded systems require not only testing of the specific software components but also testing of the user interface. (Image rights: © Metamorworks –


With the integrated approach of Vector and froglogic, users are able to realize fully integrated end-to-end tests in which the GUI control elements are stimulated before the resulting effect is verified at the hardware interfaces – and vice versa.


 gui testing vector froglogic graphic 2

Figure 2: Tool chain for the integrated functional GUI test. (Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH)


Free demo versions are available to interested parties:


Source: Vector Informatik GmbH press release