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framos fsm imx530 sensor module lidFRAMOS is expanding its sensor module ecosystem with the new Sony IMX530 global shutter CMOS sensor. The corresponding FRAMOS FSM-IMX530 sensor module with SLVS and SLVS-EC interface fits seamlessly into the ecosystem and so can be used in the existing hardware and software environment. FRAMOS also provides a new sensor adapter for MIPI CSI-2 conversion and an updated driver for the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and AGX Xavier development boards.


The FSM-IMX530 is the first sensor from the fourth generation of Sony Pregius sensors that FRAMOS offers on its own sensor modules. The SLVS-EC interface with up to 8 lanes of 5 Gbps each allows maximum frame rates of 98 fps at a resolution of 24.5 MP (5320 × 4600 pixels). Pixels are sized at 2.74 µm, nearly doubling the pixel density compared to earlier sensor generations, without sacrificing image quality. Sony has also increased the quantum efficiency to 74% and reduced noise further with this sensor to support especially challenging lighting scenarios.


framos fsm imx530 sensor module Pic2


The back-illuminated CMOS sensor is mounted on a FRAMOS sensor module with standard dimensions of 28 × 28 mm. Its image quality, reliability and speed make it suitable for many applications in industry, medical engineering and traffic engineering as well as the professional video sector. The FRAMOS sensor module ecosystem is a platform that supports customers' entire product lifecycles from development into production and series development.


framos fsm imx530 sensor module Pic3

The optional FRAMOS sensor adapter (FSA) connects easily to the FSM-IMX530 sensor module. It performs MIPI CSI-2 conversion on the SLVS data from the sensor. Via a 60-pin Hirose connector, the sensor adapter enables a direct link to the Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) most commonly used for image processing. The standardised interface ensures direct compatibility with FRAMOS processor adapters. These already allow easy connection to various NVIDIA development platforms, such as Jetson TX2 and AGX Xavier. Both platforms are supported by a comprehensive FRAMOS software pack update on Jetpack 4.2 and Linux for Tegra (L4T) version 32.2 as part of the FRAMOS sensor module development kits.


Source: FRAMOS GmbH press release