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far472 thumbnail 611249 lidFarnell, the Development Distributor, has extended its linecard with the addition of Amphenol PIHER’s range of contactless sensors and potentiometers. These devices employ state-of-the art, hall-effect and inductive technologies to offer lower cost, high performance control and measurement solutions.



Amphenol PIHER products are ideal for applications requiring high accuracy and reliability, such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, marine and home appliance and uses for PIHER position controls and sensors are increasing exponentially with the growing requirements of intelligent machines and autonomous vehicles.
The availability of the new PIHER products means customers can now buy an even wider range of Amphenol products from Farnell with next day delivery. Dave Beck, Head of EU & APAC Product Management for Interconnect, Passives & E-mech at Farnell says, “This new franchise strengthens our relationship with Amphenol and deepens our already extensive range of sensing solutions, making over 9 000 sensors and potentiometers available from stock to Farnell’s customers.”


far472 thumbnail 611249


Key products from the PIHER range in stock at Farnell:

  • The PST 360 contactless high accuracy position/angle sensor is a through-shaft sensing design with 360º absolute position feedback in an extremely thin package. Featuring integrated redundancy, this sensor is ideally suited for use in a wide range of off-highway, construction, agriculture equipment steer-by-wire applications. It can be easily adapted to fit marine outboard steering and throttle control, sport and exercise equipment, wind indicators, automation equipment and medical devices.

pst360contactlesshighaccuracypositionanglesensor 206137


  • The PSX-6 and PS-6 6mm SMT potentiometers feature configurable capabilities for design flexibility in a tiny package. The low-profile, dust proof, design allows it to be used in spaceconstrained applications. A long-life version of the PS-6 provides a cost-effective control solution for the appliance and automotive industries.

psx 6andps 66mmsmtpotentiometers 554228


  • The PIHER PS2P-CON sensor offers immunity to radial and axial play on mobile shafts and the PS2P-LIN Linear Touchless Position Sensor minimises errors when measuring linear positioning.

ps2p linlineartouchlesspositionsensor 743398


Both designs avoid significant misalignment results, poor operational performance and labourintensive maintenance programmes. As absolute sensors they will not lose measured values even after a power failure.


Source: Farnell Element14 press release